Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quel: Tanker For Real

So I dual spec'd. Frost for tanking. DK Frost Tank, yay. This is my action bar layout. It seemed to work when I ran UK. I made a few macros, Single-Target and Multi-Target.

/castsequence reset=combat Icy Touch,Plague Strike,Blood Strike,Blood Strike,Obliterate,Obliterate

/castsequence reset=combat Icy Touch,Plague Strike,Pestilence,Howling Blast,Blood Boil,Frost Strike,Obliterate,Howling Blast,Pestilence

Openers are either death grip or dnd, sometimes both depending on the pull. Never lost aggro except once to a huntard who just didn't want to target the MARKED skull/X mobs. He deserved to die.

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